International working group (2001-2006)

Formation of Correlations and Superconductivity


During last years there has been established a collaboration concerning subjects of quantum transport on short time scales. There is the common will to establish a more close connection and collaboration in the way that each of the member is working in his special field with separate projects but in close exchange with the others to promote the understanding how correlations are formed in dense interacting systems. Special attention is paid to the formation of superconductivity presently. The collaboration will communicate with small workshop meetings. This should serve as a nucleation point for other theorists to join the discussion.

Members of the group (update 2006):

  Ernst-Helmut Brandt  (Obituary Physics Today) (Nachruf Physik Journal 11 (2011) S.51)

  Sigurd Koehler

  Jan Kolácek

  Nai-Hang Kwong

  Pavel Lipavský

  Klaus Morawetz

  Eugen Simánek

Meetings: Focus meeting 12.09.2001, 279. WE-Heraeus-Seminar: Formation of Correlations , Focus meeting 17.02.2003, Workshop: Off-shell effects in quantum transport, Focus meeting EU network 01.09.2003-03.09.2003, Book project meeting: Bernoulli potentials in superconductors - how electric fields help to understand superconductors, 30.11.2006-02.12.2006, P. Lipavský, J. Kolacek, K. Morawetz, E. H. Brandt, T. Yang;
Bernoulli potential in superconductors - how electric fields help to understand superconductivity
Springer Springer, Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 733, Berlin (September 2007)
ISBN 978-3-540-73455-0

Workshops and Conferences

Klaus Morawetz
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