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K. Morawetz;
Interacting Systems far from Equilibrium -Quantum Kinetic Theory
Oxford University Press (Dezember 2017)

ISBN 9780198797241

K. Morawetz;
Binary quantum correlations in nonequilibrium
Springer Berlin (2018)

ISBN 978-3-319-72373-0

J. Kolacek, P. Lipavský, K. Morawetz;
Surface superconductivity controlled by electric field
Springer Berlin (Dezember 2010)
ISBN 978-3-642-15136-1

P. Lipavský, J. Kolacek, K. Morawetz, E. H. Brandt, T. Yang;
Bernoulli potential in superconductors - how electric fields help to understand superconductivity
Springer, Lecture Notes in Physics, Vol. 733, Berlin (September 2007)
ISBN 978-3-540-73455-0

J. Klose, K. Morawetz (ed);
Aspekte der Zeit
LIT Verlag Münster (Dezember 2004)
ISBN 3-8258-7971-2

K. Morawetz (ed);
Special issue: Structure, Disorder and Correlations

physica status solidi (b)
Volume 241, Issue 9 , Pages 2009 - 2209 Wiley (2004)

K. Morawetz (ed.);
Nonequilibrium Physics at Short Time Scales
Springer (2004)
ISBN 3-540-20031-2

P. Lipavský, V. Spicka, K. Morawetz;
Kinetic equation for strongly interacting dense Fermi systems

Annales de Physique, Vol. 26 No. 01
Annales de Physique, Vol. 26 No. 01 (February 2001), ISBN 2-86883-541-4
Published under the auspices of the
Société Française de Physique

and with the support of the
Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique.

Editor-in-Chief: E. Suraud
ISSN (print edition): 0003-4169
ISSN (electronic edition): 1286-4838
frequency: bimonthly
© EDP Sciences

K. Morawetz, U. Fuhrmann, R. Walke;
Collective modes in asymmetric nuclei, (correct chapter nucl-th/0001032)
Isospin Physics in Heavy-Ion Collisions at Intermediate Energies
order: www.amazon.com
(typos, subchapters turned into chapters !)

Bao-An Li, W. U. Schroeder, ed.

Nova Science Publishers, New York, 2001
ISBN: 1-56072-888-4

Proceedings of the I.-V. Workshop on nonequilibrium physics at short time scale
K. Morawetz, ed.
Rostock University Press, 1998
ISBN: 3-86009-147-6

K. Morawetz
Kinetic Theory for Strongly Interacting Fermi Systems

Habilitation Rostock University, 1997

K. Morawetz
Properties of partially ionized Hydrogen Plasmas in High Electric Fields

Promotion Rostock University, 1993
GSI Report, GSI-93-14

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