Formation of correlations 24.6.2002 - 28.6.2002 Physikzentrum Bad Honnef

Mo. 24.6. Tue. 25.6. Wed. 26.6. Thu. 27.6. Fri. 28.6.
8 $^{\underline {00}}$ BREAKFAST
9 $^{\underline {00}}$-9 $^{\underline {45}}$ Eric Suraud (Toulouse): Time scales in cluster dynamics Yoshiro Kakehashi (Dresden):
Many-Body CPA, Dynamical CPA and Dynamical Mean-Field Theory
Dieter Gross (Berlin): The Second Law of Thermodynamics in Small systems Thomas Bornath (Rostock):
Collisional absorption of laser radiation in a strongly correlated plasma
Pawel Danielewicz (Lansing):
Bulk Nuclear Properties from Reactions
9 $^{\underline {45}}$-10 $^{\underline {30}}$ Paul G. Reinhard (Erlangen):
Information from photo-electron spectroscopy on clusters
Andela Kalvova (Prague):
Disorder induced e-h correlation in photoexcited transients in semiconductors
Robert Botet (Paris): Correlations in finite systems and their scaling properties Tim Schmielau (Rostock):
Quantum response to short laser pulses
Christian Fuchs (Tübingen): Consequences of kinetic nonequilibrium for the nuclear equation of state in heavy ion collision
10 $^{\underline {30}}$-11 $^{\underline {00}}$ COFFEE
11 $^{\underline {00}}$-11 $^{\underline {45}}$ Walter Hoyer (Marburg):
Dynamics of excitonic and photonic correlations in semiconductors
Martin Wegener (Karlsruhe):
Approaching the period of light: The carrier-wave regime in semiconductors
Wolfgang Cassing (Giessen):
New developments in nonequilibrium transport of strongly interacting systems
Marco Ameduri (Dresden):
Exact time correlation functions in classical spin models
Ingrid Rotter (Dresden): Open quantum systems: Whispering galley modes
11 $^{\underline {45}}$-12 $^{\underline {30}}$ Heinrich Stolz (Rostock): Phase-sensitive spectroscopy in semiconductors Andreas Knorr (Berlin): Ultrafast Correlation Effects of Optically Excited Intersubband-Transitions in Semiconductor Nanostructures Peter Henning (Karlsruhe):
Damping rate of a massive fermion in a hot medium
Jürgen Schnack (Osnabrück):
Isothermal quantum dynamics: Nosé-Hoover method for coherent states
Remus-Amilcar Ionescu (Bucharest):
Variational approaches to the dynamics of mixed quantum states
12 $^{\underline {30}}$ LUNCH
14 $^{\underline {30}}$-15 $^{\underline {15}}$ Nai Kwong (Tuscon): Excitonic correlations in the nonlinear optical response of semiconductor microcavities (Semifinals world cup) Jan M. Rost (Dresden): Time dependence in quantum mechanics Jakob Bondorf (Copenhagen): Explosions of Small Systems of Particles
15 $^{\underline {15}}$-16 $^{\underline {00}}$ Mohamed Belkacem (Toulouse):
Intense laser interactions with clusters: Collisional inverse Brehmsstrahlung versus surface collisions
Sung Chung (Lansing): The cluster transfer matrix method: a novel exact method for long-range interaction Natalia Del Fatti (Bordeaux):
Ultrafast electron interactions in noble metal nanoparticles
Markus Betz (München): Femtosecond spectroscopy of large-momentum excitons in direct-gap semiconductors
16 $^{\underline {00}}$-16 $^{\underline {30}}$ COFFEE COFFEE
16 $^{\underline {30}}$-17 $^{\underline {15}}$ Christian Schüller (Hamburg):
Ultrafast Spectroscopy in the Quantum Hall Regime
Massimo Di Toro (Catania):
Fluctuations and instabilities in nuclear dynamics: from multifragmentation to neutron stars
Richard Klemm (Argonne):
Origin of the pseudogap in high temperature superconductors
Pavel Lipavsky (Prague):
Electric field gradient effect on the NMR lines in YBCO
17 $^{\underline {15}}$-18 $^{\underline {00}}$ Erich Runge (Dresden): Coherent secondary emission from excitons: Studying the early stages of localization and energy-relaxation Udo Schroeder (Rochester):
Cluster emission in complex nuclear reactions
Jan Kolacek (Prague): Extended Ginzburg-Landau theory describing electric fields in stationary superconductor Klaus Morawetz (Dresden):
130 years Boltzmann equation - from classical to nonlocal quantum transport
18 $^{\underline {00}}$-19 $^{\underline {00}}$ POSTER POSTER
19 $^{\underline {00}}$ DINNER
Evening Followed by a social evening at the invitation of the Wilhelm und Else Heraeus-Stiftung in the "Bürgerstube"

Klaus Morawetz 2002-06-14