Workshop Program


V. Workshop on Nonequilibrium Physics at Short Time Scales

April 27-30, 1998, Rostock University

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Monday, 27. April Location: room 306 Main building University, Universitaetsplatz 1 9.00 Opening and Welcome ( K. Morawetz ) 9.15 The role of electronic dynamics in violent excitations of clusters ( E. Suraud - Toulouse ) 10.00 Nonadiabatic study of the fs-laser induced fission of metallic cluster ( F.Calvayrac -Toulouse/Erlangen ) 10.45 COFFEE BREAK 11.15 Coulomb explosion of metal clusters (J. Tiggesbaeumker - Rostock) 11.45 Kadanoff-Baym approach to ultrafast relaxation of femtosecond laser pulse excited Coulomb systems (M. Bonitz -Rostock) 12.15 LUNCH at Ratskeller 15.00 Collisional broadening - are there experimental evidences in vacuum emission experiments ? (H.-J. Fitting - Rostock) 15.30 Excitonic Dynamic Franz-Keldysh effect (K. Johnsen - Copenhagen) 16.00 COFFEE BREAK 16.45 Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Nonideal Plasmas - Comparison of various effective potentials (I. Valuev -Berlin) 17.15 Multipole oscillations in finite nuclei (R. Walke - Rostock)
Tuesday, 28. April 9.15 Flow of nuclear matter (J. Bondorf - Copenhagen) 10.00 Competition between dynamics and excitation in ternary fission of heavy nuclei (R. De Souza - Indiana) 10.45 COFFEE BREAK 11.15 Nuclear dissipation: The macroscopic limit and its relation to chaotic behavior (H. Hofmann - Munich) 12.00 Coulomb effects in pion interferometry (H. Barz - Dresden) 12.30 LUNCH at RATSKELLER 15.00 Dynamical screening in non-equilibrated hadronic matter at high temperatures (M. Dirks -Bielefeld) 15.45 Deuteron production in heavy ion reactions (M. Beyer-Rostock) 16.15 COFFEE BREAK 16.45 Particle production from off-shell nucleons (P. Bozek - Heidelberg ) 17.15 Schwinger mechanism for particle production (S. Schmidt -Rostock)
Wednesday, 29. April 9.15 Density-matrix approach to coherent transport and the measurement problem (S. Gurvitz - Rehovot) 10.00 Quantum transport of particles with finite mass width (J. Knoll - Darmstadt) 10.45 COFFEE BREAK 11.15 Energy conservation for in-medium collisions (P. Lipavsky - Prague) 12.00 Boundary conditions on Green's function technique (V. Morozov - Moscow) 12.30 LUNCH at RATSKELLER 15.00 Phase transitions in open quantum systems (M. Mueller -Dresden) 15.45 Formation of correlations and virial corrections (K. Morawetz - Rostock) 16.15 COFFEE BREAK walk through Warnemuende
Thursday, 30. April 9.15 COFFEE and round table End of Seminar / Departure

April 27, 1998, Klaus Morawetz
Research Unit